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Saturday, 30 October 2010

What Do you See

Got Android, Read this

In the recession you have to cut down your spending in certain things so you may not want to buy apps but there is a way to gets full apps without paying anything. But I must say that I you really like the app buy it to show your support to the developers and if you buy it you get updates easily. You don't even need to root your phone its that easy

1. Go to menu > settings > applications and check "install apps from unknown sources". It will give you a warning about being potentially dangerous but you have to have this checked if you want to install apk files.

2. Download astro file manager for free from the market

3. Download the apk file, from, and put it on your sd card, either by plugging the phone into the computer and mounting or downloading it from your browser. I put all of my apk files into a folder called "apk" on the sd card just to keep the card from getting cluttered

4. Get to the file in astro file manager and open the file with the installer.