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Thursday, 28 April 2011


Whilst everywhere is a buzz about the royal weeding I'm going to talk about Barcelona, those F**king cheating bas**rds.

Whenever you play against Barca, whenever you touch them they are on the floor crying like a baby”  Emmanuel Adebayor

Here is proof against Barcelona in the from of a video on Real Madrid's Official Site Video Proof

 I do not understand why everyone playing against them (Barcelona) in the Champions League ends with 10 men. Arsenal, Chelsea...Christiano Ronaldo

This diving is a joke/embarrassing. When Pedro watches that do you think he'll think, "What was I doing!?" Rugby players must laugh at football. If you ever see me go off on a stretcher then run back on to play, I give everyone on here the green light to him me with a two-footed tackle.”  Rio Ferdinand 

Dani Alves, you are a disgrace. Roll about on the floor just a bit more!” Rory Mcilroy


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